Powerup Purchasing and Use

Getting some first real feedback (outside of friends' use) and completing the powerup mechanic.

A lot has happened since the last update. I posted a video to Reddit for feedback and finished the first powerup entirely.

For the Reddit feedback I'd say it had a mostly good reception. The response was phenomenal considering I've never edited a video before and there was no sound. The general consensus was that when making a color-based game, a colorblind mode is a requirement for accessability reasons. There was also feedback on the enemy death animations and the overall feel of the game. I'm going to make more of an effort moving forward to participate in the game/indie game community and maybe make some social media sites for this game. To start this effort, the next update will have colorblind mode included and I'll make another video post to see if it works well.

The powerup mechanic: it works great as long as I artificially inject money into the players save data. For now, purchasing turrets will get you 3 turrets for 80 currency units. Not sure if this is the final way it will be but it will definitely get iterated on as more powerups are added.

Oh! Also the players progress is now being saved! Right now the game keeps track of progress, level score/stars, and currency. Next will be unlocked skins and possibly themes.

Cheers to the saint that also gifted Reddit gold on the first game post. It was a little nerveracking but it definitely helped to know someone thought highly of the video.