Light Theme and Dark Theme Option

As a developer, dark mode is my bread and butter. Or in the words of the great Jordan Peele it's: "my jam, my jelly, my peanut butter, and my peanuts"

You may have noticed that the past few updates I've posted to the game have all been in dark mode. My original assumption would be that it's easier on the eyes; but then I thought "what if people prefer a light theme instead of a dark theme?". A pretty silly question, cause dark theme best theme, but in my attempts at being a decent developer I'm going to try not to impose my preferences on others.

I'm still debating on other options for the game but there are a few I've been thinking about. Since the game is held horizontally, it might make sense for there to be a "Left-Handed" option to flip the screen. There's still a lot to consider and I'd like to make the game as accessible as possible.