Back to Life

Returning to the ol' roots

While there are some interesting updates this time around - like a new "Cube" to represent the level health and work as a game over point - I'd actually like to use this dev update to talk about the origin of Rad Ghost. A friend turned me onto 99designs to get a logo designed for Rad Ghost and thinking a logo over has got me reminiscing about the roots of the name.

A best friend of mine named Cory and I would hang out every Thursday a few years back. Thursday was a day we both had off, so we would spend a few hours jamming on random instruments and drinking a 6-pack assortment of beers. After we were done playing music on these days, we'd always end by going to B Dubs and getting wings.

The interesting thing about this, is that we would always meet at my apartment. My roommate Mike (who is also a best friend of mine now) and I jokingly said it was haunted due to all the random noises that would happen there. You eventually get used to the noises, but it was weird for it to be happening in a rather small town. Anyways, Cory and I were highly bias and thought that the noises would coincide with really cool ideas we had for songs we were writing. To which Cory said one night: "You've got a pretty cool ghost in your apartment. A totally rad ghost."

From then on, we turned it into a saying for when we encountered something awesome. We'd say "that's totally rad ghost" in honor of our rad ghost friend who liked our music. So now Rad Ghost is a saying that means a lot to me, and I figured that naming the game company after it would be a good way two respect two of my best friends and all the shenanigans we have gotten into.

By the way. My two friends in the story above are both doing really cool things with their lives. Cory is now the singer/guitarist/songwriter for a band called Nulberry. While Mike is working on his MMA career. Please check both of them out if you get a chance!