NEW New Skins for the Game!

One solid idea later.

So both related and unrelated to this game. My best friend and I took a trip to Vegas and it was a great time rock climbing and Not Gambling™. The time away from the game helped me to reflect on what the goal of the game was, and what my goal for the game was.

It turns out, during the course of developing games (or any software really) there are two options. The first is to hold fast to an idea, in the hopes that other people will enjoy it as much as you think they will. And the second option is to allow your idea to evolve over the course of development as more user interaction happens.

With the first option, it is a massive risk. Unless you know your target audience extremely well (or happen to be Steve Jobs) there is a good chance of failure. With the second option, there's less risk, but it's also possible that the people chosen to playtest the game will have a certain set of biases that don't represent most players in that genre.

So finally, that brings me to this decision. With my time away in Vegas, I had a chance to think about my shortcomings as an artist, and what the people playing the game might actually want. How could I simplify the game?

It was simple really. Make the game and UI clean and easy to look at. Remove the Adventurer's health and make them die in one hit. And color-coat the enemies and traps. So that's what I did and that's where the game is now! It's difficult to describe the feeling, but this iteration of the game just feels really good somehow. I'm going to keep developing along this line even though it is no longer the original idea.