The Very Beginning!

A short background on myself and the game, followed by the progress I've made with about two days worth of work.

Hey all! To give a little background on myself: my name is Joel and I've been in software development for 3 years. I first got into it 5 years back because I wanted to be a composer. I already was able to do some art, so I figured that if I could make my own game, I could use it as a demo reel for my music. I ended up learning python (terrible idea for game development) and used PyGame to develop my first game. Needless to say I was hooked and ended up going to college for CompSci the next year. This is the very beginning of my mobile game development adventure and I'll try to write about my experiences as much as I can.

Now that I've told you about me, allow me to give backstory on this game. I came up with the idea for this game about a year ago, but only recently picked up the development for it. I made this massive 4 page writeup for my idea including mechanics and a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). So we'll see how well I can actually execute on that.

For now, the gist of the game is that there will be adventurers that are invading your treasure trove, and you've got to make use of various traps available to you to stop them. I've only got two things working by this point. An enemy "Adventurer", and a boulder trap. I'm not sure how I want the traps to be activated for the moment, so I'm having them be activated by a button on the bottom of the screen. I'm sure I'll come up with something better eventually but for now I'm just seeing if I can get it to feel fun.

One more thing I feel I should note. My time in software has taught me a few things about software development; namely RTFM (google it), and to look for best practices guides. I spent just over a week doing research in Unity before actually beginning this project, and I'm happy to share my resources if anyone is interested.