Release Date: March 1st, 2020

Master various color-coded defense traps to protect against invading enemies in this unique spin on the Tower Defense genre.

Hectic Gameplay

Defeating all the enemies in a level will take great timing and skill. Make use of all the traps at your disposal to get all 3 stars in a level.

A Wealth of Levels

Tons of levels are available that will test your reflexes and use of traps.

Skins and Themes

The game will ship with both light and dark themes for gameplay, along with a slew of skins available for the various traps. Additional themes can even be unlocked during special events!

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Dev Progress and Game Updates

Below is where updates will be posted on the game development. Check back often for new details or follow the game on social media!

Powerup Purchasing and Use

And a massive step towards feedback

The First Order (of Powerups)

"What is Star Wars?"

All the Tutorials!

Like Riding a Bookcycle

Show Level Score on Level Menu

More Progression Goodies

Light Theme and Dark Theme Option

Come to the Dark Side

Back to Life

Telling the Story of Rad Ghost

Level Menu and Generation

The Layperson's Game Design

NEW New Skins for the Game

A Whole New Gameeee

New Skins for the Game!

No More Squares!

Level Countdown Timer

Short and Sweet ... and Bad

Trap Rotation

Is Rad Ghost short for Radian Ghost?

Launch Arc Rendering

Actually using physics equations.

New Trap Type and Other Goodies

Presenting: The Projectile Trap!

Main Menu Update!

Doing the UI thing.

Edit/Play Buttons and Enemy Health

Solving bugs through the use of new mechanics.

Reposition Traps

Implementing and testing the 'fun' of a draggable mechanic.

The Very Beginning!

For about a year I've had an idea for a game. This build is the very beginning of that game and I hope it grows to be something enjoyable!