Hello!, Bonjour!, Merhaba!, Hola!, Ahoj!, Dia dhuit!, Hej!, Hallo!

Rad Ghost is a small software company with the goal of making enjoyable games for the community at large.


Here you can find all of the current work going on at Rad Ghost. Check out the current project: Primaries and the Dev Logs.


Master color-coded defense traps to protect against invading enemies in this unique spin on the Tower Defense genre.


Why hello there! To introduce myself and Rad Ghost a bit; my name is Joel, and I've been in software for the past three years now. Rad Ghost is a company started explicitly to work on games and software for the industry.

The idea for Rad Ghost is a rather long one. It begins somewhere around the time I got into game development as a means of continuing a music career. And it ends somewhere about 2 years ago, when a close friend coined the term "Rad Ghost".

That close friend's name is Cory, and he and I would meet up at my apartment every Thursday night to jam on instruments and other shenanigans. We absolutely (read: jokingly) believed the apartment was haunted because of all the noises that happened in there 24/7. So naturally, we started to say that the noises happened whenever we had a cool idea for a song. This eventually led Cory to say: "You've got a pretty cool ghost in your apartment. A totally rad ghost."

And that brings us to now! So take your time and look around. If you're interested in mobile games, check out my current project: Primaries. Thanks!


Though working in software, I spend a fair amount of my time playing music, doing art, and other things that engineers wouldn't be caught dead doing. If you want to hear some amazing stories about terrible software, I am your guy!

  • Unity Dev
  • Pianist
  • Professional Dork
  • Ravenclaw
  • Longboarder
  • Nodejs 4 Lyfe
  • Former Sleeper Agent
  • Cosmic Horror Fan
  • 2D Artist
  • Traveler
  • Ukulele...ist (?)
  • Rock Climber
  • Typescript
  • Mad Scientist
  • Bowser Main